I first came to Dr. Moore’s office because I suffered with constant daily headaches and frequent migraines as well as cluster headaches for 15 years. These headaches had a perpetual negative impact on my mental and physical health and resulted in me having to change careers.

I saw many neurologists both in Canada and the U.S. None of them offered any solutions except to put me on migraine drugs such as: D.H.E and Imitrex and other pain killers (narcotics). I have a list of over 25 drugs that they tried with little or no success. They finally sent me to the Cleveland Chronic Pain Clinic to teach me how to “Live with my Pain” That was over 5 years ago.

Aside from debilitating headaches keeping me from going to social events, missing days at work and sapping my energy, I also had neck pain that prevented me from doing things that I enjoy such as playing the piano and biking.

Then I heard that someone I knew had gotten relief from sciatic pain through the NUCCA technique and thought I would give it a try. I then consulted with Dr. Moore who I heard specializes in this technique.

Dr. Moore did a very thorough assessment on my initial visit with him. He took x-rays of my spine with a greater focus on my upper neck. He also evaluated my posture. He then took precise measurements on the x-rays to determine the best type of chiropractic adjustments for me.

After 3 months I have a lot less headaches and my energy has increased. I find myself going to the gym and enjoying activities that I hadn’t engaged in for years.

If you have a physical ailment that isn’t responding to traditional medical treatment DEFINITELY seek the care of a chiropractic professional. IT WORKS! WHY? CAUSE I’M WALKING PROOF!