New to Stittsville, I came to see Dr. Moore suffering from poor concentration, a neck tremor and pain in my lower back, neck and shoulders which I attributed to my recent move ( lifting and moving boxes) as well as a variety of stressors in my life at the time.

I perceived personally that I was in bad shape and knew that chiropractic care would help but I wasn’t sure what the time frame would be. Dr. Moore recommended a schedule of care which I have attented faithfully. From previous visits to other chiropractors, I had come to expect the sound of cracking bones to mean that the vertebrae had fallen into place. The new form treatment used by Dr. Moore did not appear to be invasive enough compared to my former treatments that consisted of sitting on a lounge chair that gripped your legs and almost sent you into convulsions as the lounge chair rolled a thick rod under the leather up and down your back, or the table that basically did the same thing from head to toe. It was very difficult to relax during those treatments, now I don’t fear having an adjustment.

I am grateful for the healing that has occurred in my body. I was told I should consider a neurologist for my neck but I believed that the muscles and vertebrae in my neck as well as stress were a contributing factor. I have seen many improvements in my health since starting my care with Dr. Moore. There has been a decrease in neck pain and the tremor in my neck has improved. I have more engery and I am more alert. I have been sleeping better and my moods are more positive. It has been a relief to have less pain in my joints and more flexibility when I bend.

Dr. Moore, I do believe God has given you a special gift of healing through chiropractic care. We live in a pill-popping world and as soon as there is pain we attempt to medicate. I really find it quite fascinating that with a few adjustments, our bodies can be realigned to function normally.

Thank you so much for your assistance on my road to recovery.

Brenda B