I originally started seeing Dr. Moore due to discomfort in my neck, shoulders and left arm which prevented me from sleeping and woke me up several times during the night. My balance was also affected and I was unable to hold my balanced positions in yoga class. This was never a problem for me in the past.

I was booked for spinal surgery for my neck (4 herniations) in 2004 but refused. With traditional medicine it took up to 2 years to return to some comfort but it left a lot of residual discomfort. I retired due to restrictions with typing and sitting in meetings. I then started aquafit classes daily which helped tremendously. Within 4 months, I was back to fitness classes, skiing, cycling and hiking but night time was very uncomfortable for me. My neck and both arms would go numb and ache. Therefore, I developed poor sleeping habits. This past summer I injured my upper arm (probably along with my neck). That was when I started getting massages and chiropractic treatments. Now I am back to full health again.

I made my initial appointment with Carol for massaging my neck and left upper arm discomfort. She suggested a consultation with Dr. Moore.

Dr. Moore reviewed my MRI & CT scan reports from my neurosurgeon and took further x-rays. Based on this information, he proposed NUCCA, (upper cervical adjustments) plus full spine adjustments over the next few weeks. I noticed a big improvement in my balance, movement of my neck and in general, feeling much better.

Dr. Moore also recommended doing neck traction exercises at home. It has also helped with the healing process.

I encourage people not to be afraid of trying chiropractic care. I regret that I didn’t start years ago. It feels great not to have daily discomfort.

L. K

April, 2010