I came into this office in January, 2004, because I was having severe migraines for approximately seven years. They were getting to a point where no amount of migraine medication would take them away. These headaches with constant vomiting, were lasting for weeks at a time and so I found myself taking amytryptiline drugs plus codeine and voltarin one a daily basis. Severe neck and shoulder pain went with the migraines. There were times when my head felt like it was going to burst and I thought I was going to have a stroke. My blood pressure was elevated most of the time and I even passed out a few times. My last real bad migraine ended with a trip by ambulance to a hospital and I knew then that I must try something else.

I had been to a chiropractor a few years ago when the migraines first started. I went for over a year and there was no change. I went to three different physiotherapists over a two-three year period and this didn’t help at all. I also tried message therapy, acupuncture and naturopathy. I even tried Neuro-emotional technique. I tried each for several months. It cost me a lot of money and accomplished nothing.

I was never referred to chiropractic, but I was always aware that this was a treatment for migraines. I had lost faith in chiropractic when I had tried it several years ago. I thought I would try it once more because I was so desperate.

With x-rays and scans, Dr. Moore found two areas of subluxation in my neck, and a pelvic misaligment. There was also some loss of the normal nurve to my neck. I then began regular care with Dr. Moore.

Chirorpactic has taken a lot of pain out my shoulders and neck area. I suffer much less from migraines now. I’ve had two in the last several months, as oppsed to daily. I seldom even take an advil now.

The migraine condition definitely interferred with my daily life. Before coming here, I spent the majority of my time in bed. I quit my last job because of headaches. I love to sew, and now I can do this without ending up so sore that I have to lie down after half an hour. I can also stand at the cupboard and do little things like peeling vegetables without getting a lot of upper back and shoulder pain.

I would certainly encourage anyone who complained of the problems I had, to try chiropractic.