I arrived at Dr. Moore’s office in early May 2017. We had moved our son twice in April and I was in a great deal of pain. The pain was located in my neck and radiated across to my right shoulder. I was also experiencing Tinnitus (constant ringing in my right ear). My ear felt congested and sometimes made me feel nauseous. I was not sleeping well. I was not functioning well. I was cancelling most social interactions because I found it difficult to hear conversations. I was constantly fatigued and unable to be very productive… my ability to focus was affected.

Previous to this injury, I had been mauled by a dog (at age 8) and received many lacerations to my face and head. By age 12 (at an orthodontic consult) I was told I was holding my head off-center.

A year prior to seeking assistance from Dr. Moore, I had also suffered a tripping incident.. that wrenched my neck.

In my early 20’s I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia.

In my early twenties I saw multiple specialists… two different Rheumatologists who ruled out other diseases by doing various blood tests and assessments of my health. I also saw a Chronic Fatigue specialist. I have consulted with three Naturopaths. I have altered my diet. I now take custom vitamins that have specifically been made for my needs.

Our son had a remarkable recovery due to the care of Dr. Moore… at the end of April 2017 our son had had 4 impacted wisdom teeth removed just before Christmas, but suffered from January to April (away from home at university) from a myriad of symptoms such as eye pressure, neck pain, sinus pressure, fatigue, back pain, shoulder pain and headaches. Our son received a remarkable miraculous healing from all these symptoms after Dr. Moore made a correction to his atlas verebrae’s misalignment. I sat in on both of my son’s first two appointments with Dr. Moore.. and I got to witness first hand the diagnosis, treatment and healing! Our son had been referred to Dr. Moore by a friend of our family’s – a patient of Dr. Moore – who was concerned by our son’s long and challenging illness.

Dr. Moore assessed my spine and took many measurements and x-rays. Dr. Moore diagnosed my altas vertebra as misaligned 3.5 degrees right laterally, lower angle left 4.5 degrees, and an anterior rotation of .75 degrees. He then used the Nucca technique to realign my atlas vertebrae. After repeated treatments the tinnitus disappeared… and the pain dramatically decreased.. while my energy and ability to concentrate and function dramatically increased!

I am thriving! I am full of life! We have an active social life! I no longer suffer from tinnitus! I sleep well and am functioning well!!! In fact, my husband and I are just completing an extensive DIY home renovation (with two more in the plans)… and only two months after beginning treatment we started that reno.

My condition affected every aspect of my life. The care I have received has allowed me to regain strength and activity… and a lifestyle I thought I may have permanently lost!

Dr. Moore is “quick to listen and slow to speak”… he is not judgmental! His care is gentle, compassionate, and kind!!