I have been a patient of Dr. Moore since December of 2007. I came to Dr. Moore in desperation, with the hope that chiropractic care may ease the debilitating pain in my lower back and hips.

Dr. Moore confirmed the extent of damage through a series of x-rays and scans. My spine was twisted and my neck was 5 degrees out of alignment.

My recovery has been remarkable, and has given me a new lease on life. I am able to take walks, enjoy working in my garden, and my stamina has been greatly increased.

Prior to having chiropractic treatments I had atrial fibulation (irregular heartbeat) and very unstable blood pressure. I had taken every precaution to lower my blood pressure,decreasing my salt intake and adding potassium to my diet along with prescribed medication. Still, my blood pressure remained unstable. The most amazing aspect of my healing has been the return of my blood pressure to normal. NO MORE PILLS! I am happy to say that I have discontinued the medication and feel so much better.

Enjoying life prior to having chiropractic treatments was rare but that has certainly changed. I cannot describe how good it feels to be stable. I encourage anybody with muscular or skeleton aches and pains to contact Dr. Moore for an assessment.

Mainstream medicine is excellent and necessary for treating existing diseases and in emergencies. The doctors and nurses have certainly been good to me. Chiropractic care is excellent and necessary for correcting conditions that can cause debilitating pain and chronic nerve problems that can lead to disease or life-threatening conditions such as atrial fibulation and hypertention.

Karen B

June 2008