I suffered from upper neck and jaw pain, mostly on the right side, but sometimes on both sides. I had been suffering from headaches 4-5 times per week for 2 years (moderate – severe pain).

I had taken steps previously to get well… I had visited my GP, a Physiotherapist for 4-6 months, a Massage Therapist for 1 year. These provided only minimal and temporary relief.

I was referred by a client of Dr. Moore. I didn’t know much about Chiropractic care at the time, but was willing to try whatever I could to have relief.

Dr. Moore and his staff were fantastic! I travel 2.5 hours for my treatments and on my first visit, he did a number of x-rays and a few adjustments based on what he saw on x-rays and a few other measurement scales. Dr. Moore recommended me to come bi-weekly for a few weeks, and to ween me off to visits about once per month or once every two months. After feeling immediate relief, I was willing to follow any recommendations Dr. Moore had.

Chiropractic has helped me as I suffer from a headache only 1-2 per month now (minor pain at that) and this is a major relief. I am able to study and exercise much better now!

My condition really prevented me from studying because the pain was so present. I also had difficulties doing my coaching, however, since seeing Dr. Moore I can do these activities now so much better!

“Give it a try! And be honest with the Chiropractor because that is the only way they can really help you. Dr. Moore and his staff are truly fantastic!”