When I first came in, I suffered a great deal from my asthma, allergies, and never-ending painful migraines. To try and make these problems even bearable for everyday I was proactive, I was constantly taking many types of medication at the same time. For my asthma, a puffer was used to control my respiration and doses of antihistamines were also used for my aggravating allergies. Above all this, I was also using Tylenol just to relieve my pain from constant migraine headaches.

Enough was enough! One day my mother and I discussed the possible routes that I could take to combat these ongoing problems. She recommended that I see a chiropractor that she was seeing at the time. She had told me of how it had greatly helped her through some of her problems. So I took up her offer and went in with her one day for an appointment with Dr. Moore.

After a few minutes diagnosing my situation, Dr. Moore stated that I was suffering from a condition called subluxation. Subluxation what??? However, before I could even ask what it was, he began to brief me on what subluxation was and what complication arose from it. Before I knew it, I had learned the “backbone” reason behind all of my pain and agony!!

With a lot of consistent treatment done by Dr. Moore, I have been able to completely alleviate my problems I faced, the migraines were the most unbearable of them all. Although I still suffer from some allergies and asthma, the amount of medication I have to use has decreased substantially and the occurrences have also dropped remarkably.

I am also thankful for what Dr. Moore has done for me . When I had the migraines IN THE PAST, they were so unbearable that I usually had to miss dates of school as well as retreat into my room and even avoid the normal family life. But NO MORE of that!! Since starting chiropractic care with Dr. Moore, I have been MIGRAINE FREE for over ONE AND A HALF YEARS!!

For anyone who is pondering on starting Chiropractic care, don’t hesitate any longer. It has given back so much in my life and I know it can do the same for you! The Moore Chiropractic Health Center is a great place to go. The staff is warm and friendly and even more the “DOC” is great!!

Thank you for doing such a great job!