I was first introduced to chiropractic healthcare back in the 1980’s following a severe injury away from home. I was rushed to a local hospital where they were unable to help me. Fortunately, they referred me to a local chiropractor who was able to instantly alleviate much of the debilitating pain I was experiencing until I could return to Ottawa.

As the years progressed I took it upon myself to frequent chiropractors on an “as needed” basis whenever troubling back pain would show up. Unfortunately, over the years what I didn’t realize was that I was helping to contrubute to a gradual deterioration of my spinal condition through my own chiropractic “hit and miss” treatments until I found myself in the fall of 2005 practically unable to walk for longer than a few minutes at a time triggered by a simple fall in the grass.

It was at that time I met Dr. Jim Moore and agreed to his recommendation to stay on course with a program of regular and consistant chiropractic adjustments. It has been several months now since we first began correcting my spine and while all of the deterioration cannot be reversed, I can confirm that sustained regular adjustments have eliminated all the pain in my back due to improper alignments and years of improper attention. The flexibility I once enjoyed has returned and I experience a general state of good health. I am able to be more active now than I was able to be for years and that is also good news.

I would encourage others to consider the benefits of a regular chiropractic healthcare program in order to experience the best that chiropractic has to offer besides the elimination of short term pain.