A little while back, my mother brought me to see Dr. Moore. I was constantly suffering from asthma while exercising. Due to the severity of my asthma, I have to use a Ventolin puffer four times a day. I have visited my family doctor several times and was eventually referred to an allergy specialist. Nothing worked and my problem still continued.

My mother had heard through other people that spinal adjustments done by chiropractors have had a good impact on people with asthma, like myself. She finally decided to book an appointment to bring me to see Dr. Moore. When I arrived he greeted me and said: “Hello”. He took a few x-rays of my neck, back,and later told me that my neck was the main reason for my problems. We agreed to meet him on a weekly basis to have regular adjustments done on my neck. After the first adjustment appointment, I stopped using my puffer on a daily basis.

On an even brighter note, with my newfound health, I made the school’s track and field team. During competitions, I placed first in my class for the hundred-meter dash!

As you can see my life has been changed completely and I would encourage anyone with asthma to give chiropractic care a try.

Thanks so much Dr. Moore!