Our daughter, Laura was born on March 5 1993 weighing 6 lbs, 11 oz. Within two weeks it was very obvious that something was very wrong with her digestive track. She could not keep anything down and vomited and screamed continuously. Our family doctor sent us immediately to a pediatrician who in turn sent us immediately to the hospital to have the baby admitted. Every medical doctor who examined her was lost as to how to help her. It was evident that the stomach muscles were not mature at her birth and therefore lacked the strength to keep food inside; but no one knew how to help this condition. She was given strong medicine that had terrible side effects and weekly crisis to both the family doctor and pediatrician, but she just continued to grow weaker as the vomiting persisted. Finally an appointment was made for her to see a specialist at the Hospital for sick kids in Toronto on June 7 1993. By this point she weighted only 8 lbs, was stiff as a board because she was in such constant pain; and her skin was grayish color.

Day before her long awaited appointment in Toronto, an acquaintance of my husbands suggested taking her to the chiropractor who had been so helpful when her own daughter had problems with colic as an infant. We had not realized chiropractors worked with small children for problems such as Laura’s; but were so desperate by this point we were willing to try anything if it worked. We called a chiropractor and he agreed to meet with us immediately to see the baby. To our immense relief he assured us he had seen this condition in babies many times before and was confident he could help her (compared to the medical doctors telling us they didn’t know how to help her but she would probably outgrow the condition by her first birthday 10 months away!)

He gave Laura her first treatment that day. When he handed her back to me it was the first time I had felt her little body relax since she was born. She slept for 4 straight hours after that (also the first time she had done that), she gained several pounds within the next few days.

We kept our appointment at sick kids to see what the specialist had to day, and also to explain to him about the remarkable change we saw in Laura after her very first appointment with the Chiropractor. After listening to him explain an operation that he saw as an option for her, to reroute her intestines into her stomach to prevent her from vomiting, we told him about taking her to see a chiropractor. Naively, I suppose, we felt that any doctor specializing in pediatrics would be thrilled to hear of a procedure that did not require major surgery or powerful drugs for a small infant. Our enthusiasm over what we had seen from the chiropractic treatment and what we hoped to see from more treatments in the future was met with mockery and complete disinterest from this specialist. He assured us that it would just be a coincidence if Laura happened to improve after her treatments.

We told him we needed time to think about the surgery and headed back home where I continued to take our baby to see the Chiropractor for treatments. The change in her was astonishing. She turned into a happy, attentive, healthy baby right before our eyes. There is no question in our minds, or anyone else who know her, that he saved her from having to undergo major surgery instead of having the sense and open-mindedness to admit that perhaps a chiropractor can help. No wonder our medical system is in such a disastrous condition.