I had bad neck and back pain along with carpal tunnel in one wrist and tendonitis in my feet. Since starting a very intense university program, these pains worsened over the first two years of my study. I was very uncomfortable when working on the computer, and couldn’t walk for extended lengths of time.

I had always used painkillers for neck and back pain, along with pain relief for my tendonitis. I had seen another chiropractor who only treated my feet, and not my hips or back, which didn’t help very much. I also was taking acid reducers for pretty severe acid reflex.

Some classmates had many of the same ailments as I did, and they mentioned that chiropractic helped them I decided to give it a try. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but Dr. Moore walked me through everything he was doing, which made me very comfortable.

My first examination found that my back and hips, were out of alignment and my head was forward. After the first week, I noticed a big difference.

Chiropractic has dramatically improved all of my original symptoms. I rarely take painkillers, and run and walk much easier. My acid reflux has improved considerably. Overall, I feel much better, better posture, I walk taller and easier; I am more flexible and generally more comfortable when working long days.

My condition mostly affected my ability to walk for long periods of time now my feet no longer hurt from tendonitis, and I feel that I can walk easier, taller, and for much longer than before.

You would be surprised how much of an impact your nervous system, has on your health. Try it! You’ll never need the flu shot again.