Most of us experience misalignment without ever knowing it – Chiropractic in Ottawa

Most of us experience misalignment and don’t realize it until symptoms of that misalignment begin to appear.

The Upper Cervical Doctor’s specialty is THE UPPER CERVICAL SPINAL CORRECTION. This procedure is painless – and barely felt by the patient. It requires NO forceful manipulation, pulling, twisting or jerking of the head or neck. Each correction is crafted specifically for each patient, no two upper cervical spinal corrections are the same. This correction is based on the doctors careful analysis of xrays of the head and neck, which then applied to each patient, gently moves only the first few vertebrae of the spine – where the head and neck join. This correction painlessly realigns those vertebrae – restoring the normal flow of brain to body communications.

As soon as the correction is made, muscles begin to relax, blood and oxygen circulation increases, nerve pathways move messages freely from the brain to the different body parts, the immune system gains strength and vitality, and the body’s natural self-healing process begins.

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