Chiropractic care for ear infections and hearing loss – Ottawa Chiropractor

One of the most common reasons children go to chiropractors is for ear infections. There have been numerous case series studies showing a connection between correcting function of the cervical spine through chiropractic adjustments and an improvement in ear infections. I have personally seen this many times in practice, including dramatic improvements in hearing once the chronic fluid retention reduces in the inner ear.

Why, generally speaking, do we see people respond well to chiropractic care? The basic chiropractic approach, as it relates to ear infections, would be summarized as follows:

• The muscles surrounding the Eustachian tube are influenced by the C1-C4 neurology.

• Vertebral subluxations at the level of the occiput and C1-C4 can cause hypertonicity of those muscles; i.e. spastic, tight muscles that are over stimulated.

• In turn, this can affect the size of the Eustachian tube and, thus, prevent drainage.

• This is why I (and countless doctors of chiropractic over the years) have observed how specific, gentle adjustments in the upper cervical region can cause a relaxation of the musculature and allow the ears to drain naturally.

Dr. Moore runs a family chiropractic practice at 5912 Hazeldean Rd. in Stittsville and can be reached at 613-831-8374.

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