Chiropractic and Brain Function – Ottawa Chiropractor

When spinal function is restored, particularly in the upper cervical spine, it can positively influence brain function. Recent MRI studies are showing that venous drainage and cerebral spinous fluid flow improves when the upper cervical alignment is corrected. This was found in studies on migraine patients and M.S. patients.

There have also been EEG (electroencephalogram) studies done that show positive changes following Chiropractic adjustments. When spinal function is restored research has found normalized brain wave maps and increased Alpha waves, associated with a relaxed or meditative state.

These studies reinforce what Chiropractors have been seeing for years in practice. That when you correct spinal function there are overall health benefits beyond back pain. That there is an influence on brain function which ties into so many aspects of health from sleep patterns and depression to co-ordination and posture.

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